Xavio Merhai – 12 years old Aikido athlete back in the game after surgery for Thumb Pain – Metacarpophalangeal

Xavio Merha, 12 year old judo and Aikido athlete who had nearly one year of constant thumb pain in the knuckle (metacarpophalangeal) joint. This kept him from training and competing and gave pain with even simple activities of daily living.

Seen by local general orthopedist who had little to offer after a cortisone injection which gave minimal temporary relief.

Referred to Dr. Badia in Miami by the local doctor. He was in Miami for only 4 days and was in cast post-op for 4 weeks to allow capsular healing by thermal radiofrequency procedure that was done all arthroscopically. Dr. Badia is one of a handful of surgeons in the world who does this minimally invasive procedure.

He returned to sport within 90 day period.

The results can be seen in this video.

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