Rotator Cuff Repair by Dr. Badia, Peru Patient Testimonial

Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Repair By Dr. Alejandro Badia

Watch this video in which Marisol Martinez, a Dr. Badia patient from Peru provides a testimonial about her experience with Dr. Alejandro Badia from Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, who treated her pain in the right shoulder (Rotator Cuff) after a referral from a close friend. Dr. Alejandro Badia is an Orthopedic Hand, Wrist, Shoulder and Elbow from Badia Hand to Shoulder Center Doral, Miami Florida

Note: Audio dubbing for video playback in English. To watch the source video in Spanish, please visit this page: Manguito Rotador: Testimonio de Marisol Martinez – Paciente de Lima Perú

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