OrthoNOW Immediate Orthopeadic Care

Dr. Alejandro Badia, M.D. F.A.C.S. hand and upper limb surgeon, founder of Badia Hand to Shoulder, got the idea of opening a specialty walk-in clinic in South Florida after hearing his patients, friends and colleagues comment about the high costs of services and the ridiculous long waits in the emergency room for broken bones, sprains, cuts, etc

OrthoNOW is the result of the growing need for more options. Before OrthoNOW, the only choice was the emergency room or urgent care where the wait can be up to 6 hours or more. Only to be referred back to a specialist, likely at OrthoNOW.

OrthoNOW is a walk-in care clinic that treats broken bones, sprains, cuts, sports, and workers’ compensation injuries. No appointment is necessary. OrthoNOW has an in-house digital X-ray, MRI, on-site operating rooms, provides follow up care, and rehabilitation.


OrthoNow Orthopedic Urgent Care for Immediate and Urgent Care Center of broken bones, broken clavicles, broken hands, fracture arm- Doral Florida
Dr. Alejandro Badia Orthopedic Hand Surgeon – Badia Hand to Shoulder Center Doral, Miami Florida
Florida Orthopedics http://www.OrthoNowMiami.com Come to OrthoNOW for any and all emergency or non-emergency orthopedic care needs: No appointment necessary! Just come in and get attended by a board certified orthopedic doctor in minutes not hours. 
Tel. 305-537-7272.
3650 NW 82nd Avenue, suite 201, 
Doral, FL 33166.


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