Most people do not realize the “incredibly disabling” effect of a severe hand injury on the life of the individual. Speaking at the launch of the Caribbean Hand Center, Dr. Alejandro Badia said the injury could be personally, spiritually and economically disabling. “It has a huge social and economic impact as well. Many injured people would have been written off and automatically would have gone on social benefits.  Now, with good therapy, they can get back to being a part of a productive workforce.” Dr. Badia commented that it takes a multidisciplinary team (for surgery, diagnostics and rehabilitation) to get the patient back to health from injury. The Caribbean Hand Centre is a collaborative effort involving Lisa Niles of Sports Therapy and Rehab as well as Kristi Maingot and Steven Frankland of Serpentine Road Physiotherapy.   Their aim is to provide a more holistic approach to managing healing of limbs with special emphasis on hand therapy. Certified hand and occupational therapist Dr. David Cummins, who is based in Barbados, will be flown to Trinidad and Tobago  to conduct clinics and the cost of his is borne by the Centre. “The cost of a hand therapist in the states is much more than  in Trinidad and Tobago, so we are offering a subsidized service but the cost still has to be met in terms of the overall costing,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr. Godfrey Araujo and member of the hand clinic.

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