XIII Congreso Ibero Latinoamericano de Cirugía de la Mano


Dr. Alejandro Badia was invited by ILA (Ibero Latinoamericano de Cirurgia de Mão) to participate as a Guest Speaker at the XIII Congreso Ibero Latinoamericano de Cirugía de la Mano. The program includes various discussion topics, many of which are presented by Dr. Badia:


Wednesday 25 March 2020


IBRA (International Bone Research Association)
Discussion of clinical cases - Acute fracture of distal radius
IBRA (International Bone Research Association) Pre-Congreso
Discusión de casos clínicos: fractura aguda del radio distal

Thursday 26 March 2020

XIII Congreso Ibero Latinoamericano de Cirugía de la Mano- (Congress Begins)

Friday 27 March 2020


International Sports Symposium
Lecture topic: Why the athlete's treatment is different
Simposio Internacional Deporte
Tema: Por qué el tratamiento del atleta es diferente

Saturday 28 March 2020


Hand Therapy
Treatment of SLAP-type injuries on the shoulder
Terapia de mano
Tratamiento de lesiones tipo SLAP en el hombro

Saturday 28 March 2020


International Symposium on Rizarthrosis
Lecture topic: How arthroscopy has changed the current approach of CMC-1 arthritis
Simposio Internacional sobre Rizartrosis
Tema: cómo la artroscopia ha cambiado el enfoque actual de la artritis CMC-1


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