Telemedicine E-Visits Services for
Our International Patients

For a virtual initial consultation, 2nd opinion, and quick follow-up visits right from the convenience of your home or office.


Dr. Alejandro Badia, Founder of Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, is accepting appointments for Telemedicine e-visits via Zoom for Healthcare, a robust HIPAA compliant e-visit platform. The software allows the patient and doctor to communicate in real time using video conferencing where two way conversations take place and the affected area can be viewed. Let's learn more about Telemedicine and how you can benefit from our e-visits.


Serving also our Canada and English-speaking Caribbean patients

Patient from Barbados

Telemedicine for International Patients allows us to evaluate a patient when they live at a great distance. Telemedicine e-visits also allow our international patients to share screens with Dr. Alejandro Badia over the Internet, ask questions and get the right answers, and have an initial consultation or second opinion at their leisure from the comfort of their home/offices.... Watch video


Telemedicine Patient Journey

This infographic shows you the steps for a Telemedicine e-visit, from the moment the patient requests a Telemedicine e-visit to the moment Dr. Badia meets with the patient via Zoom Health to determine next steps. [...]

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4 Bodyparts in Orthopedic Surgery

As a world-renowned hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Alejandro Badia treats 4 areas of the body: Hand/Wrist, Arm/Forearm, Elbow, and Shoulder. Read more

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See Me, Heal Me.

Patient from Barbados

Dr. Alejandro Badia, Renowned Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon Brings Care to Patients World Wide with Introduction of Telemedicine Services. Watch video


Sports Medicine in Medical Tourism

On October 2012, Medical Tourism Magazine published an article by Dr. Alejandro Badia named "Sports Medicine in Medical Tourism." which we are republishing here for your information, as this continues to be a very relevant topic in sports medicine today.  [...]

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For international patients telemedicine e-visits will be used for initial consultations,” Badia explains and adds “this technology removes the barrier of having to be physically at our center in Doral, reducing travel costs and opening the doors to specialized care to those in distant locations.”



Request a Virtual Consultation with
Dr. Alejandro Badia


You can request an appointment for a virtual initial consultation, 2nd opinion, and quick follow-up visits right from the convenience of your home or office.


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In addition to offering better outcomes through superior care, telemedicine e-visits can negate travel times for domestic patients for routine post-operative follow up visits





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