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Don't Wait to Get Help with your Orthopedic Needs

With Telemedicine visits you can have a consultation from the comfort of your home!



Whether you need a virtual initial consultation, a second opinion, or a quick follow-up visit, a Telemedicine visit with Dr. Badia can help you from the comfort of your home. Some of the benefits of your Telemedicine consultation are:


  • Video Consultations.  Telemedicine allows you to connect with us using the internet from wherever you are so you can get the care you need.
  • Easier Scheduling, you can request a Telemedicine visit here
  • Chat with Dr. Alejandro Badia, directly from your tablet or laptop. Not only is this more convenient, but it allows you access to Dr. Badia directly to get the answers you need
  • Experience the same personalized care and secure handling of your personal health information as an in-office visit
  • Cut down on costs. For a fraction of the cost typically incurred in travelling expenses, you can have a visit with Dr. Badia from the comfort of your home or office.



Request a #Teleorthopedics consultation today and get help with your orthopedic needs right away.



Click here for Telemedicine FAQ's


For more information and to request an appointment please call our office at
(305)227-4263 or visit our website www.drbadia.com





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