Discussion On the Shortcomings of Traditional Orthopedic Drilling

As published on Bonezone: “Surgical Drilling: Surgeon Perspective on Improving Care Standards”


As shared on Bonezonepub.com, orthopedic surgery consists of operations performed to address problems that develop in the bones, joints and ligaments of the human body. Dr. Badia provides his perspective on improving care standards in surgical drilling.



One major hazard of drilling not discussed was the issue of plunging. Plunging occurs when the drill bit penetrates beyond the far cortex of the bone. This presents a risk of “plunging” into critical structures such as nerves or vessels. In standard orthopedic drilling, surgeons depend on tactile and auditory feedback to know when to halt progression of the drill. Between doctors, patients and environmental factors, tactile and auditory feedback can be subjective; therefore, surgeons may not always sense they have penetrated the far cortex.



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Alejandro Badia, M.D, F.A.C.S.
Orthopedic Upper Limb Surgeon




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