Message from Dr. Alejandro Badia:



Mission Trip to Ghana:
Restoring function through caring & expertise

"In Late March, 2017 I was humbled to share the experience of co-leading a surgical team to Koforidua, inner Ghana, West Africa.

The trip was largely organized by Dr. Philippe Cuenod, of Geneva, Switzerland, and his team, who had been there several times before and developed an effective infrastructure in the St Joseph Orthopedic Hospital so that our goals could be efficiently met. We were serving under the auspices of GICAM founded by an Italian colleague and friend some years ago, committed to restoring hand/upper limb function in underserved countries..."





How do you summarize a life changing experience?

I'd like to share a PowerPoint I put together with pictures from my trip to Ghana.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words...



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