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Some of the Most Recent Videos: Client Testimonials, Facebook Live, and Others

Dr. Alejandro Badia and Badia Hand to Shoulder Center invite you to enjoy this e-news which highlights some of the latest videos published on our website, including facebook live surgical videos, as well as testimonials from patients such as tennis player Giovanni Lapentti, among others.

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Tennis Elbow Injury Recovery: Testimonial by Professional Tennis Player Giovanni Lapentti

Giovanni Lapentti is a professional tennis player from Ecuador who used the ARP Wave and MRI at an OthoNOW location This video shows a testimonial from Giovanni Lapentti. Learn what happened before, during and after his tennis elbow injury and treatment [...]



Carpal Tunnel Live Surgery by Dr. Alejandro Badia

Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery is one of the simplest and most reliable procedure to one of the most common hand condition.Please watch this Facebook Live video to learn about carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and treatment [...]



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) Explained

Pinched Nerve (Compressed Nerve): Endoscopic procedure by Dr. Badia Dr. Badia explains a technique for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Please watch this video to learn about carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and treatment. You can also watch this Carpal Tunnel Live Surgery by Dr. Alejandro Badia [...]



Thank you Patients

Thank you Patients from Dr. Badia and the entire Badia Hand to Shoulder Team As we head into the holiday season, we reflect on how grateful we are to have served you this year at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center. Our patients around the globe inspire us every single day to continue [...]



Watch Christine Chenet’s Story: Steps In Woman’s Road To Recovery

Watch this video to learn about Christine Chenet: Steps In Woman’s Road To Recovery. After orthopedic surgery with Dr. Alejandro Badia, Christine Chenet was the winner of the 4km swim (2016) and she is a symbol of perseverance. For Swim for Haiti 2017, Dr Badia was present in Port-au-Prince, [...]



Rotator Cuff Repair by Dr. Badia, Peru Patient Testimonial

Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Repair By Dr. Alejandro Badia Watch this video in which Marisol Martinez, a Dr. Badia patient from Peru provides a testimonial about her experience with Dr. Alejandro Badia from Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, who treated her pain in the right shoulder (Rotator Cuff) after [...]



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