Dr. Alejandro Badia’s Upcoming Book Titled ‘Healthcare From The Trenches’ Details Barriers to Patient Care

Pandemic Exposes Weaknesses of U.S. Health System


The coronavirus has exposed the frailties of an American health care system that is wasteful, mismanaged and burdened by unnecessary administrative costs and bureaucracy that often delay – and prevent – patient care, says noted orthopedic surgeon and now author Alejandro Badia MD, FACS.


His soon-to-be-released book Healthcare From The Trenches details the system barriers that have led to “skyrocketing health costs, lack of patient access and inefficient delivery of care” and comes at a time when some national leaders are calling the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic a “chaotic catastrophe.”



More information about Dr. Badia’s upcoming book is available on his web site at www.HealthcareFromTheTrenches.com/.


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