Third Quarter 2021



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Message from Alejandro Badia, M.D., F.A.C.S.



2021 is shaping up to be quite a year for all sectors of the Doral DOC (Doral Orthopedic Clinic).


As we rebound from the pandemic year, we are seeing patient volume records being broken for OrthoNOW®, our disruptive concept for easy access to expert orthopedic care.


The Surgery Center at Doral, of which over 10% of orthopedic surgical patients start their care journey via OrthoNOW, is also experiencing monthly surgical volume highs compared to pre-pandemic numbers. OrthoNOW rehab has similar experience as patients are eager to get back to work after so much time off or dealing with MSK issues that were not resolved during lockdown.


At Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, our core practice remains our international patients who have difficulty accessing certain procedures or technologies in their home countries but have the means and insight to seek expert care – In this case, a cost-effective one stop shopping outpatient facility as opposed to the local cumbersome and expensive hospital systems. As a center, we truly compete with renowned orthopedic centers such as the Mayo Clinic, HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery) or Cleveland clinic.


Look forward to welcome you at Badia Hand to Shoulder located on heart of Doral, the only hand and upper limb center in South Florida with everything you need in one facility.




Welcome to Our Family


Help us welcome our new employees with open arms:


Gilda Ureña Sanchez
Medical Assistant,
Social Media Coordinator



Patients Reviews / What Our Patients Say About Us




Officer Ramirez Patient Testimonial

There are no words to express how grateful I am for stepping foot inside Dr. Badia's office after being involved in a motorcycle accident and sustaining Injuries to my thumb, clavicle and ribs.


Due to the fact that it was a worker comp claim I saw 2 separate Doctors before landing foot into Dr. Badia's office 3 WEEKS after the accident had occurred! In his office is where the severity of my injuries were finally revealed in depth.


Dr. Badia immediately scheduled me for surgery the next day to not waste any more time. After a few hours of surgery I was discharged for home recovery....Read full testimonial


I highly recommend Dr.Badia's Office and his team to address all your orthopedic needs.


See video of the interview





Jesse Cephus


Discharging this patient barely 90 days after fracturing both the proximal humerus shoulder and the wrist.


This patient found us through @orthonow and received the care he needed immediately, putting him at an advantage as opposed to cases which are first seen at a general occupational health center.


To treat this patient we utilized cutting edge technology and Biologics in order to expedite bony healing and minimize excess scarring and adhesions.


We are happy we were able to have our patient back to work and feeling great !


I came in for a shoulder (humerus) and wrist fracture . I only needed surgery for the wrist and I'm 3 months post! I had therapy across the hall from dr badia and the staff was great at working together and getting me recovered .


See pictures




Vania Chirinos


Pediatric soft tissue mallet finger.


Our patient does spearfishing and karate as a hobby!


See pictures




Meghan - Aerial Acrobat


Watch how this incredible dancer and Aerial Acrobat could return to such a demanding activity on her wrist after a diagnosis where many told her that her career was over.


See more videos



COVID-19 / Going Back to Work


What are the CDC guidelines for workplaces regarding covid-19?


CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering as a measure to contain the wearer's respiratory droplets and help protect others.


Cloth face coverings are not considered personal protective equipment and may not protect the wearers from exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. However, cloth face coverings may prevent workers, including those who don't know they have the virus, from spreading it to others.


Although CDC guidelines are now more relaxed with regards to face masks. The recommendation of optional face masks does not apply to healthcare settings including " doctors offices, while traveling on trains , planes , buses and in transportation hubs such as airports and train stations."


  • The use of a mask is mandatory at BHS & OrthoNow.

  • Employees must wear company-provided masks with the OrthoNOW Logo or a solid-colored mask.

  • Masks with prints, slogans or other logos are not allowed.


Our Centers


Service Excellence Workshop – Richard Shapiro

Hosted by The Surgery Center at Doral at the Miami Anatomical Research Center M.A.R.C


Orthonow urgent care, The surgery center, Orthonow rehab and Badia Hand to shoulder center all attended a customer service workshop with the author of " The endangered customer" , Richard R. Shapiro. Our teams discussed the 8 pillars of customer service & toured the M.A.R.C Institute.

  1. Make me feel welcome (Hope)
  2. Give me your full attention (Control)
  3. Answer more than my question (Connect)
  4. Know your stuff (Trust)
  5. Don't tell me NO (Frustration)
  6. Invite me to return (Feel wanted)
  7. Show me I matter (Caring)
  8. Surprise me in good way ( feel special)

we CARE about customer service


News / Improvements and Novelties


Badia Hand to Shoulder center has signed a contract with " Worldwide insurance " and " Best Doctors " International insurance. OrthoNow is working on a similar contract with world wide insurance international.


Under the Umbrella is:

  • WorldWide Concierge (In Miami)
  • WorldWide Seguros, S.A.
  • Seguros Universales, S.A.
  • BISA Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.
  • El Sol del Paraguay Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A.


The Countries they deal with are:

  • Panamá
  • Guatemala
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Paraguay
  • Bolivia
  • Columbia (Starting in 2022)


We were featured in the South Florida Business Journal.



A day in the operating room with Badia Hand and Shoulder's Dr. Badia (Photos) - South Florida Business Journal (



BHS Announces New Procedure: Lipogem

The Lipogems procedure is an innovative adipose tissue technology that is designed to harvest, concentrate and transfer a patient's very own adipose-derived stem cells in order to accelerate healing and regenerate damaged tissue. The fat is collected from your midsection or “love handle” area.




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